Filmoteka Muzeum

Performance within the exhibition Phantom at Marek Rogulski's (aka Rogulus) gallery Spiż 7 in Gdańsk.

In 1995 Wyrzykowski wrote the text The Developed Body of Technical Culture, which is of seminal importance for the artist's practice especially in the 1990s. The artist highlighted the significance of the body as a medium in art.

In his performance Wyrzykowski imprinted the eponymous sentence on his body using metal typeface attached to a leather belt. The artist initially prepared his body by shaving the hair off his chest, and later proceeded to tighten the belt around it, which left the imprint of letters. The final gesture consisted in observing his own body in a mirror held by subsequent viewers, an act that may be understood symbolically as “looking at one's mirror reflection in others.”

References: Piotr Wyrzykowski, The Developed Body of Technical Culture, 1995; Łukasz Guzek, Wola ciała, 1998 (


Year: 1995
Duration: 3'22"
Language: no language

© Piotr Wyrzykowski