Filmoteka Muzeum

Open Atelier (Łaźnia), Gdańsk, alongside Jarogniew Milewski.

One of a great number of actions by Piotr Wyrzykowski that combine performance with an acoustic experiment and embrace the characteristics of the site.

The artist used piezoceramic transmitters connected to the body to create an improvised audio composition with leather bands. Each transmitter was matched with a specific sample of the artist's scream (Jarogniew Milewski prepared the samples). The sound was generated by hitting the transmitters, and therefore the artist needed to hit his own body. The performance consisted in Wyrzykowski's search for a sound that would become associated with a gesture in which the body played the role of a transmitter. The body functions as an instrument in which feelings, such as pain or fury are technologically processed to become an element of the composition – the screaming that accompanies the acts of self-aggression does not originate from the artist's throat but adopts the mechanical form of an audio record. The performance manifests Wyrzykowski's complex approach to the body and his fascination with its technological extensions.


Year: 1993
Duration: 5'39"
Language: no language

© Piotr Wyrzykowski