Filmoteka Muzeum

Wesołowo, plein air of the Intermedia Studio “Pi.”

The performance was held within the plein air in the town of Wesołowo during Wyrzykowski's studies at the State Higher School of Visual Arts (PWSSP) at the Intermedia Studio run by Witosław Czerwonka.

During his action, the artist adopted the symbolic role of livestock. Wyrzykowski spent several hours lying motionlessly inside a shed; he was naked and had two pipes attached to his body: one of them provided him with liquids, whereas the other drained off his urine.

Through his performance, the artist explored the potential of extending his own body beyond its physical borders. Treating the body as congruent with consciousness, Wyrzykowski associated himself with the biological cycle of transformation that applies to all kinds of matter; it is the same cycle to which livestock is reduced by humans.


Year: 1994
Duration: 2'43"
Language: no language

© Piotr Wyrzykowski