Filmoteka Muzeum

Art Hall (Tallinn)
International Art Centre (Poznań),
CCA Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw)

A series of three performances under a common title, carried out according to the same scenario. The action consisted in carving out a hole in the gallery wall with an axe and walling the tool up in the wall. The hits received by the wall triggered samples with recorded sounds of hits, which additionally amplified the emitted sound. The iteration of the performance at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle (within the exhibition Ideas beyond Ideology) featured an additional part which consisted in branding the artist's chest with a red-hot axe blade.

The sense of the performance cycle is conveyed in the title and pertains to the need of finding another identity beyond our current location. The action fails to indicate that new place or new identity. Yet, it bears testimony to a state of consciousness that consists in a particularly sharp vision of oneself and one's own situation, which is expressed by the rapidity, passion and force of the hits.

Reference: Łukasz Guzek, Wola ciała, 1998 (

Year: 1993
Duration: 18'12"
Language: Polish

© Piotr Wyrzykowski