The site presents the performance program of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, which includes research, archives and documentation of artist activity, recordings of debates and lectures, as well as current events.


The performance art program carried out at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw is a space for interdisciplinary exchange and the presentation of the most interesting phenomenons that combine visual art and performance. It's an attempt to capture the potential of the medium, which disconnects theater from the stage, dance from music, and visual art from its material properties. It is at the same time a medium that gives the clearest voice to the most important questions asked in art today: about its subject, material, language, the economy of the creator and the viewer, as well as - perhaps most of all - about its political efficiency.

The program includes art events, a research program and an actively developed archive of Polish performance art, an open collection showcasing the rich and diverse tradition of the most nonconformist medium in contemporary art. 

A description of the themes of presented works and events is always accompanied by artists/participants’ biographies and a wider context for their works.