Filmoteka Muzeum

C-14 Gallery, Gdańsk, 1991 (during the 2nd Yach Film Festival)

Piotr Wyrzykowski describes his performance:
“In 1991, at the C-14 Gallery, I plugged my body to an aerial and became a signal conductor for the TV set. I was walking around the gallery space in search of a place where the signal of a transmitted Polish television broadcast could be best received. As I was carrying out my performance, for a brief while the venue witnessed a search for the central point, in which a fragment of TV image or sound would appear. What mattered for me was not only that electromagnetic waves were flowing through my body and that the essence of the performance consisted in the simple fact of looking for the space that offered the best signal, but also the fact that while my organism became reduced to the role of a wave receiver, my body went far beyond the gallery walls. It became one of many points of focus for signals whose scope embraced almost the entire Polish territory. Attached to the aluminium rods of the aerial, my bodily form was merely a visible material shape in the radiating immaterial form of my Self. The body is not an object delineated by specific contours, it is a space deprived of form.

The performance was the first attempt in my practice to formulate such kind of idea. It is here that one should look for origins of the project 'There is No Body' and the figure of EveryBody.”

Quoted from: Piotr Wyrzykowski, Od anteny telewizyjnej do internetu, 1998 (


Year: 1991
Duration: 1'02"
Language: no language

© Piotr Wyrzykowski