Villa with a View on Beirut

Villa with a View on Beirut

“Villa with a View on Beirut“ presents a portion of postwar works by architect Karol Schayer.

His drawings and photographs come from professor George Arbid’s archive. The exhibition is set up in the window of one of a villa designed by this artist and built in 1938 at Fascati Street in Warsaw.

Karol Schayer was a Polish architect born in 1900 in Lviv. His greatest accomplishment was the Silesian Museum (Muzeum Śląskie) in Katowice. At the time, it was the most modern museum in Europe which, being an example of “degraded art”, was demolished by the Germans in 1939, shortly after it was actually built. In 1946, Schayer settled down in Beirut, Lebanon. There, in the 1950s and 1960s, he designed over one hundred and forty buildings which have permanently altered the cityscape, putting a modernistic touch to it.

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