Warsaw galleries review 2013


SHOWROOM is an exhibition accompanying the Warsaw Gallery Weekend. Each of the 20 galleries taking part in this year’s Warsaw Gallery Weekend programme has selected one work created by an artist collaborating with the gallery.

The carefully selected works make up a collective exhibition, presented in a long room which can be seen from the level of the street, in the building, located at Pańska Street, once holding a showroom of the carpet department of Emilia furniture stores. The exhibition is also visible after dark and constitutes a temporary showroom for private galleries. The arrangement and the sequence of the works were determined by the curators of the Museum. SHOWROOM is a statement in the discussion on the relationship between public museums, the art market and private galleries. SHOWROOM is neither a shop nor art, it is a test of the position of Warsaw private galleries.

SHOWROOM is another exhibition, after “For example. The New Polish House” (organised by Centrum Architektury / Centre for Architecture), which makes use of the space in Pańska Street. Having moved the exhibition activities of the Museum to the neighbouring Emilia pavilion, the organisers intend to turn the space into a spot for the promotion of the most important initiatives and projects related to Warsaw. The aim is to highlight the diversity and quality of the Warsaw art scene and its relationship with other disciplines: fashion, design, architecture, illustration or applied graphics.

Galleries participating in the exhibition: Aleksander Bruno, Arton, Asymetria, Bochenska Gallery, BWA Warszawa, Czułość, Dawid Radziszewski Gallery, FAF, Foksal Gallery, Le Guern, Leto, Lokal_30, Lookout, m2, Piktogram, Profile, Propaganda, Raster, Starter, Stereo.