Nobody will take away our youth!
Music and art of the 80’ that created the alternative face of the Tricity

Nobody will take away our youth!

After last year’s great success of the "Show Us Your Dreams" exhibition, which gathered together over 15 thousands of viewers, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw gladly continues its collaboration with the Open'er Festival.

During the exhibition “NOBODY WILL TAKE AWAY OUR YOUTH! Music and art of the 80’ that created the alternative face of the Tricity” we will show the most innovative and diverse artistic scene, which emerged in the last decade of the Polish People’s Republic. Artists and musical bands from the cities of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia created brand new art and new tendencies.

In the artistic world of the Tricity the most prominent figures, such as Grzegorz Klaman, Jacek Staniszewski, Piotr Józefowicz, Jerzy Rymar, Andrzej Awsiej & Joanna Kabala, Marek Rogulski, Borys Czernichowski or Jarosław Fliciński came from the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (which now is the Academy of Fine Arts). The TOTART formation, a unique phenomenon of the 80’, was formed by a group of friends that worked together to create an avant-garde work of total art. While the artists from the Tricity penetrated into new areas of art, local musicians were creating new trends in music and fashion, with the strong participation of women in the artistic life. The Tricity’s alternative scene includes the following bands: Apteka, Bielizna, Bóm Wakacje w Rzymie, Call System, Dzieci Kapitana Klossa, Marilyn Monroe, Oczi Cziorne, Pancerne Rowery and Po Prostu. Those legendary bands, whose myth arouse around the famous "Gdynia" CD, were to conquer Warsaw and Jarocin.

Although the artists and musicians from Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia used to create the most visionary and refined art of their times, future generations showed no mercy for the legacy of the 80’. The exquisite art that came from the Tricity is nowadays considered “out of place”. It only remains in the memory of “veteran public” and finds no continuation among the new generation of music makers. The "NOBODY WILL TAKE AWAY OUR YOUTH! " exhibition is aimed at returning the Tricity’s art and music its well-deserved acknowledgement, as well as spreading its message among today’s young people.

Janusz Akermann, Andrzej Awsiej & Joanna Kabala, Kuba Bryzgalski, Józef Czerniawski, Borys Czernichowski, Jarosław Fliciński, Dariusz Jasiocha, Katarzyna Józefowicz, 
Piotr Józefowicz, Grzegorz Klaman, Kazimierz Kowalczyk, Kacper Ołowski, Marek Rogulski, 
Jerzy Rymar, Jacek Staniszewski, Eugeniusz Szczudło, Sławomir Witkowski

TOTART the Transitory Formation: Zbigniew Sajnóg, Paweł Konjo Konnak, 
Artur Kudłaty Kozdrowski, Paweł Paulus Mazur, Dariusz Brzóska Brzóskiewicz, Wojciech Stamm (Lopez Mauzere), YO ALS JETZT, Maciej Ruciński,  Roman Malarz Kobiet Grabowiecki, Ryszard Tymon Tymański, Sławomir Ozi Żamojda, Sni Sredstvom Za Uklanianie

Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia Alternative Scene: Apteka, Bielizna, Bóm Wakacje W Rzymie, Call System, Canada, Dzieci Kapitana Klossa, Dżezz Obskura, Joanna Dead, Konwent A, 
Mantra Beat, Meva, Miriam, Marilyn Monroe, Movie On / Hello, Oczi Cziorne, Pancerne Rowery, Po Prostu, Los Pirañas Del Baltico, Regał, Sake, Szelest Spadających Papierków, 
Rocka’s Delight, UNRRA, Waldemar Rudziecki as well as Jerzy Pawleta and Jacek Piotrowski

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