Ion Grigorescu. In the Body of the Victim 1969-2008

Ion Grigorescu. In the Body of the Victim 1969-2008

The Museum is presenting "Ion Grigorescu. In the Body of the Victim 1969–2008" - first retrospective exhibition of the Romanian artist Ion Grigorescu.

The show is the outcome of a year's research into the life and work of the Bucharest-based artist conducted by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in collaboration with Austrian curator Kathrin Rhomberg, who has been named to curate the 6th Berlin Biennale in 2010.

This exhibition reflects the Museum's aim to create innovative relationships between art history and the present, and to pose contemporary questions to the past. Grigorescu, born in 1945, has developed a unique artistic practice reacting to current political developments through an existential approach. The artist anticipated today's apocalyptic sense of crisis and made it the focus of his work.

Grigorescu has been recording his pursuit of what might be described as an anti-art where life and artistic practice are intertwined into a unity, since the beginning of the 1970s in 8-mm films, photographic series, and photo collages, all of which document the artist's scrutiny of social realities. By the end of the '70s Grigorescu began recording his performances, which concentrated on ritualized actions around his body. In later years Grigorescu's work has reflected his growing interest in spirituality, as inspired by orthodox religious tradition in Romania.

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