Daniel Rycharski: Fears

Daniel Rycharski: Fears

“Daniel Strycharski. Fears” is already the eighth exhibition to be presented at the Open’er Festival by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Alter Art, promoter of the festival.

The universally praised exhibition, previously shown in Warsaw, will now be rearranged and brought to the festival-goers.

The show presents an overview of the work of Daniel Rycharski, an artist who cooperates with diverse groups, such as agricultural and religious associations, a social club of rural housewives, and LGBT+ activists, wrestling with numerous social fears and prejudices.

The pieces displayed tell the story of the seemingly contradictory experience of being an artist who believes in God and is gay at the same time. Working in a conservative rural community, Rycharski tries to come up with new ways of emancipation, as well as posing questions with regard to belonging to a religious community and its boundaries.

Rycharski’s radical approach to faith, which has no counterpart in Polish art, is the driving force for his artistic practice. The artist, rooted in religion both institutionally and via his family, proposes his own new set of principles for practising religion, which would include those that were previously excluded from the religious community: “Christianity without religion”, as he calls it.

Tours of the exhibition, guided by Daniel Rycharski and a curator from the Museum of Modern Art, will be held every evening at 4:00 and 7:00 pm.

The exhibition is organised by the staff of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in cooperation with the artist.

Museum at Open’er is financed by Alter Art.

Between 15.02 and 22.04.2019 the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw held the first individual exhibition of the works of Daniel Rycharski, an artist working on the intersection of diverse social alms: rural Poland, queer culture, and religious communities. 

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