Black and White

Black and White

The exhibition "Black and White" gathers animated films, comics, comic strips and drawings that are dealing with social condition through a human body.

On display is a collection of works aimed at breaching the now dominant neutralisation and self-limitation of the array of modes of artistic expression. In the pursuit of rapid and expressive straightforwardness of the message some of the works in the exhibition are obscene, rude, ugly and dirty in line and dirty in message challenging the social-cultural taboos and the rigour of the now dominant political correctness.

Liberated from the excessively developed and codified discourse on art, the domain of - monochrome animation or comic strip is where a paradoxical free zone is created. Our focus interest in these works on the medium of drawing (both in animation and cartoons), which due to the specific distance of the line and a more intermediated link with reality, provides for more freedom, unlike photography and film, to tackle socially or culturally controversial matters. 


Phil Mulloy, Aya Ben Ron, Heimo Wallner, Philippe Grammaticopoulos, William Kentridge, Piotr Dumała, Marek Raczkowski, Robert Crumb, Blu, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Krzysztof Ostrowski, Victoria Lomasko, Krzysztof "Prosiacek" Owedyk, Dan Perjovschi, Extrastruggle, Anna Niesterowicz, Yael Bartana

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