Become an art collector!
Workshop for children aged 6-12

  • Become an art collector!

    Workshops for children at The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, photo by Bartosz Stawiarski

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation would like to invite you to a very serious game of art and business world.

During this meeting we will get to know the characters who manage the world of art and find out what challenges they face. It's a unique opportunity to try three roles in one day: art viewer, artist, and patron of the arts.

If you support the development of art and want to take a closer look at it, become Gaius Clinius Maecenas, a Roman politician, advisor and friend of artists. Assess, invest and make a good deal at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

You will be using tools like: honest praise, sharp criticism, financial background, and most of all - a liking for art and a willingness to create.

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