Publication launch by Freefilmers & film screening by Vasyl Lyah

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"Zamotka is a kind of wrap made by spreading hummus on lavash flatbread and adding toppings of your liking, which was popularised by Mariupol’s underground creative scene in 2017–2018.


It is also the name given to a self-published zine that explores grassroots food practices, communal dining, food related trauma caused by the war and its social and personal dimensions in the context of Mariupol’s devastation. To honour this legendary wrap and personal memories of the city, Freefilmers have compiled a series of visual and textual contributions in "Zamotka".

The event will consist of a zine launch, poetry reading and contributions from Freefilmers members Sashko Protyah and Natasha Tseliuba in the form of a conversation facilitated by filmmaker Nick Thomas, as well as a screening of Kharaltida, a new film by Freefilmers member Vasyl Lyah.

19:00-20:00 - presentation of the zine - Sashko Protyah and Natasha Tseliuba in conversation with Nick Thomas
20:00-20:30 - screening of a short film Kharaltida, Vasyl Lyah

All the proceeds from the sales of "Zamotka" will support Medychka, raising funds for medical aid for Ukrainians.

"Freefilmers is a non-governmental organisation, a cinemovement, and a union of like-minded filmmakers. The main focus of their films are human life, struggle for equality, and freedom. The organisation promotes independent filmmaking in Ukraine, especially in its eastern part, and works towards the decentralisation of cultural processes. From the beginning of the full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Freefilmers have combined filmmaking with humanitarian aid work. Some members decided to join the army in order to directly defend their homes and loved ones. Others bring aid to the most vulnerable communities, including underground artists, queer activists, neurodivergent people, rural and Roma communities.

Nick Thomas is an artist and filmmaker based in Rotterdam, and a member of WET - a film and video collective who are engaged in a long term exchange with Freefilmers, and who helped to produce the English version of "Zamotka".

Part of the prorgram os the "Sunflower" Solidary Community Center.