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We would like to invite you to explore Warsaw architecture studios! This week, on November 5, between 6 and 8 pm XY Studio will open its doors to visitors.

The XY architecture studio was established in 2004 by Filip Domaszczyński, Marta Nowosielska and Dorota Sibińska.

Architects about themselves: “We are the kind of architects who regard work as a passion and art. We approach each project individually, listening carefully to what our investors have to say about their needs. We design separate houses, public buildings and multi-family dwellings as well as the interiors of residential, office and commercial buildings.
In 2005, we won a competition to design the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and shortly afterwards, that experience helped us win a competition to design the Embassy of Egypt in 2010.

We gather expertise wherever we can as we design museums, embassies, multi-family buildings, hotels, hospitals, polyclinics, nursing homes, swimming pools, shops, restaurants and bars. We design separate houses, residences and also do interior design. Our extra field of expertise are facilities for children, including preschools and nurseries complete with interiors.”

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