Against the Rules!
Weekend family workshops

  • Against the Rules!

    Workshop for kids at the "Collection in Action!" exhibition, photo by Monika Orpik

The “Active with Collection!” exhibition is inhabited by all sorts of works of art. The Museum proudly presents artists who break all the rules and expectations, making sculptures from asphalt, walking around the town, imagining moving buildings or animating everyday objects, sometimes even rubbish.

Why are contemporary artists so keen on crossing the boundaries? What is the force behind experiments and non-standard outlook on reality?

During the workshops, floor will be given to children who, without prejudice, intuitively absorb art, regardless of the adults' theoretical expectations. Children should supposedly be seen and not heard, but in the Museum, they guide their guardians throughout the world where unbridled imagination and child-like love for breaking the habits are priceless. The visit's formula is a game imagined by children, with many tasks along the way for both young and old participants. Will they join forces to tackle these? Take the challenge!

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