Guided tour with Varsovians
Through the "Reconstruction Disputes" exhibition with Grzegorz K. Mika

  • Guided tour with Varsovians

    View of the "Reconstruction Disputes" exhibition, 7th edition of Warsaw Under Construction festival. Photo by B. Stawiarski

Guided tour with Grzegorz K. Mika through the "Reconstruction Disputes" exhibition.

Pre-war modernist architecture and urban planning is a true passion of an architect Grzegorz Mika which he eagerly shares with Varsovians at this "Warsaw modernism 1905-1939" page. As he himself declares, he is interested in architecture „from the abolition of Czarist limits on building and from the construction of the Cedegren building to unrealised skyscrapers, Piłsudski District and Escarpment Avenue..." 

In an essay accompanying "Reconstruction Disputes" exhibition Grzegorz K. Mika wrote: „Warsaw in 1939 struggled with most problems of European metroplises which experienced an abrupt industrialization and urbanization in the 19th century with the lack of sanitary regulations and technical infrastructure at the same time. (…) Social and architectural research conducted in the 1920s and 1930s indicated one-room and two-room appartments as "most needed from the social point of view."

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