City design festival

Held throughout October 2010, “Warsaw Under Construction II” is a multi-level research-exhibition project, addressing various aspects of design, with a special focus on urban and spatial planning in the capital. This year’s programme of events features, among others, a lecture by Pritzker Prize 2010 laureate Kazuyo Sejima, a retrospective exhibition of works by Stanisław Zamecznik, legendary and interdisciplinary architect, Arseniusz Romanowicz, the designer of the modernist railway stations of Warsaw, Karol Schayer, architect who designed icons of pre-war Polish modernism and after the war build the modern Beirut. We'll have urban space installations by London’s architectural offices: Finn Williams, Office for Subversive Architecture and Dallas Pierce + Quintero, housing estate tours and weekly seminars devoted to such issues as participatory urban planning or appropriation of public space. For four weeks, Warsaw shall once again become a place (and the main topic) of debates, exhibitions and interventions carried out by a multinational group of artists, designers and architects.

For more information on the festival go to: www.warszawawbudowie.pl

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