Pink Noises vol. 2

    photo by Krzysztof Miękus

Vinyl Terror & Horror is a collaboration between Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen, both graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen in 2007/2008.

The project is focused on the relationship between objects and sound. It is presented in different situations as installation, sculpture, composition work or as live concerts. The work - whether it is a presented as an installation or a concert - uses sound to create a narrative that always directly refer to the medium playing it or the situation it is presented in. The sculptural work includes amounts of various materials where the live concert focuses exclusively on LP-records and turntables.

“Our approach to music starts from a visual and sculptural practice. Turntable deconstruction and rearrangement of the vinyl media in all imaginative ways is strongly influencing our sounds. We are working in the field of cinematic soundscapes with a high tolerance level of possible hi- fi disasters. Sentimental heartbreaking sequences where the opera singer is looping and the birds are singing backwards……. untill the breakdown of needles and chaos taking over. Cut up and mistreated records looping and creaking from dust and sloppy treatment. Pick-up`s being pushed disrespectfully over grooves. Records spinning backwards and forwards while played from multible pick-ups simultaniously. Meanwhile the lady in stilletoes just keep onwalking down the stairs. Repetitive arrangements, dark sounds, neck breaking mixes, film-amateur sound effects, scratches, quieks, vinyls, terror and horror.”

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