Teraz Poliż Band
The concert as part of \"The Museum Enters the Square\" series

  • Teraz Poliż Band

“Raised by the street, they spent their childhood in slums; dreamt of a career eternal like Tina Turner and at least as crazy as Spice Girls; took drugs, moonlighted by selling Western jeans, fantasized about heteronormative love and lesbian sex.”

TERAZ POLIŻ BAND is a performance musical experiment realized by members of TERAZ POLIŻ art group. The band consists of Dorota Glac (vocals, percussion), Marta Jalowska (vocals, electric guitar), Emanuela Osowska (vocals, electronics) and Marta Wesołowska (vocals, keyboard).

TERAZ POLIŻ was established as an independent group of women related to theatre, who put emphasis on theatre work related to women and femininity. They have repeatedly referred to the subject of exclusion and violence and have regularly involved themselves in actions addressing children and teenagers. They produce and present theatre plays, happenings, performances, open performance readings, concerts, organize theatre workshops and discussions. The group has frequently collaborated with such organizations as Amnesty International, ITAKA Foundation, Women’s Right Centre or Trans-Fuzja Foundation.

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