Sylwia Chutnik talks with Karolina Sulej
Snippets of Culture

  • Sylwia Chutnik talks with Karolina Sulej

Paulina Ołowska’s Incidental Collages is a series of photographs from fashion magazines and the artist’s family albums, as well as architectural designs, charts and texts.

Only apparently all of these motifs and forms do not go well together – they create wholly new meanings. They might also be perceived as the characteristic language of contemporary times: scraps, waste, a short form, a blend of different themes. Additionally, the Internet as well as the abundance of images and statements make our world resemble snippets: of conversation, of understanding, of meaning.

During the meeting, Sylwia Chutnik will talk with Karolina Sulej, journalist and student of doctoral studies in culture who deals with fashion and design. They will reflect upon the link between a Lana del Rey video clip, a surrealistic image and Paulina Ołowska’s work.

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