Meeting with Teresa Murak

  • Meeting with Teresa Murak

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw would like to invite you to a meeting with Teresa Murak - performance artist, author of installations, sculptor and graphic artist.  

Teresa Murak is a pioneer of Polish land art and a conceptual artist who introduced spirituality into her art. She has done performances that border ceremony and sacrum. During the meeting we will present, among others, a film documenting her performance titled “Sludge”. The discussion with Teresa Murak will be led by Robert Jarosz. 

Teresa Murak

was born in 1949 in Kiełczawy in the Lubelszczyzna region. She is a conceptual artist, sculptor, graphic artist, performer and author of installations. She studied at Warsaw's Academy of Fine Arts between 1970 and 1976 under Jan Tarasin and Tadeusz Dominik. She was a pioneer of Polish land art, or rather nature art. The artist introduced spirituality into her art, bringing life processes closer to creative processes and giving her projects a cosmological aspect. She creates her performance art on the border of ceremony and sacrum. In 2005 Teresa Murak received the Katarzyna Kobro Award. She lives and works in Warsaw. 

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