Meeting with KwieKulik

  • Meeting with KwieKulik

The Museum of Modern in Warsaw invites to a presentation of a monumental monograph of the duo KwieKulik (Zofia Kulik and Przemysław Kwiek).

KwieKulik’s activity came as a seminal phenomenon in the Polish art of the 20th century. Zofia Kulik (b. 1947 in Wrocław) and Przemysław Kwiek (b. 1945 in Warsaw), were active as an artistic duo between 1971-1987. The artists began as Oskar Hansen's students at Warsaw's Academy of Fine Arts. Since the beginning of the 1970, they imbued their art with a radically political character. Their engagement and uncompromising critique of the surrounding reality is unprecedented in the history of the post-war Central European avant-garde. KwieKulik by principle combined the artistic activity with daily life.

Among the invited guests are the artists Zofia Kulik an Przemysław Kwiek, as well as Zbigniew Libera.

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