RSS B0YS | Wilhelm Bras
The concert as part of \"As You Can Hear\" series

  • RSS B0YS | Wilhelm Bras
    RSS Boys (Mik.Musik.!.)

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw would like to invite you to an evening with experimental dance music.

The Museum’s Auditorium will host an anonymous duo RSS BOYS, dressed in exotic costumes. They demonstrate a fresh approach to techno, being highly inspired by ethnic, African sounds. The other artist is Wilhelm Bras, a Silesian experimenter known for extreme sounds generated by analogue instruments he builds himself and for concerts that take place in darkness illuminated only by a small headlamp.

RSS B0YS is a duo of undisclosed identity. Apparently, RSS BOY 1 and RSS BOY 2 got to know each other during their journey through Africa. They released two albums in Mik.Musik.!. label: W D0nt Blv N Hyp andTh T00th 0f Th Ftr, a cassette entitled NOOW, published by Sangoplasmo Records, as well as numerous remixes.

Wilhelm Bras is one of the incarnations of Paweł Kulczyński, a Silesian sound artist and a musician also known as Tropajn and Lautbild. In 2013, under the moniker Wilhelm Bras, he released an album Wordless Songs By The Electric Fire, incorporating rhythmic dance threads into a coarse, avant-garde fabric by means of a home-made analogue synthesizer. On an album When Attitudes Become Form #1, released under his own name in 2013, he explored a reverberation of a gigantic, post-industrial silo of a former cement mill. Under the name Tropajn he performs in public spaces, on wastelands, in post-industrial and rural areas, delving into improvised electronic, electro-acoustic, ambient and noise music. As Wilhelm Bras he has recently performed at the New York edition of Unsound festival. At the moment he is preparing a new album to be released later this year by Dunno Recordings.

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