RUSSIAN COLONIALISM 101 by Maksym Eristavi
Book presentation

  • RUSSIAN COLONIALISM 101 by Maksym Eristavi

    Graphic design by Kaja Kusztra

We invite you to SDK Słonecznik to the presentation of the book "Russian Colonialism 101" and a meeting with the author Maksym Eristavi. Discussion with the author will be conducted by Nedim Useinov, the head of the Coordination Council of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars in Poland.

For years, Ukrainian journalist Maksym Eristavi has been mainstreaming the global awareness about the legacy of Russian colonialism. A few days before Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he started a Twitter thread listing all Russian colonial invasions over the last century and highlighting one specific pattern that they all went by. The post has gone viral and is now dubbed the "mother of all Russian colonialism tweets". Together with a group of Ukrainian artists, Eristavi transformed it into an illustrated pocket guide to the 48 most recent invasions of Russian colonialism — to bring everyone’s attention to a pattern of serial behavior by the largest colonial empire.

Publication is prepared with the support of the MOCA NGO and the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund in collaboration with the Sigrid Rausing Trust. Some illustrations created during the illustrative workshop for the book Russian Colonialism 101 have been donated to the Ukrainian Museum of Contemporary Art (UMCA). The profit from the sale of the first edition will be transferred to the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund.

More info about the book on publisher’s www:

Author: Maksym Eristavi
Artists: Sergiy Maidukov, Alisa Gots, Nikita Kravtsov, Nataliia Kozeko, Danyl Shtangeev, Natasha Steshenko, Ave Libertatemaveamor
Art director: Sergiy Maidukov
Editing: Zoe Turner
Proofreading: Iryna Kurhanska
Design and layout: Ostap Yashchuk

Graphic design of the poster: Kaja Kusztra
Graphic design of the poster: Kaja Kusztra based on illustrations by Natalia Kozeko