Rizdvo 6 or etnoerotic mystery

  • Rizdvo 6 or etnoerotic mystery

The Musem of Modern Art invites you to an etnoerotic mystery prepared by artist Planet as part of the WARSAW UNDER CONSTRACTION 12 festival and Blyzkist Group.

Planeta’s performance is a mystical ritual, which starting point is the analysis of the pagan rites of the ancient Slavs, based mainly on the cult of nature. The happening will take place inside the foyer (French for bonfire) of the Museum, by the Vistula River.

The performance consists of four stages. Each of them is a separate mystical ceremony inspired by the personal experiences of the performers. Furthermore, they are rituals practiced by them in everyday life. During the performative actions, we will experience a home cleansing ceremony. Connect with spirits of our ancestors and attract love and prosperity. Each chapter is the next stage in preparation for the Christmas Eve supper, which happens on January 6 in the Orthodox order. Planeta is returning to Slavic roots by analysing ancient rituals. The performance is building a new language that combines the forces of nature with human nature. Pagan customs are composed of many erotic symbols. In Rizdvo 6, we reveal to the audience how we read them.

During the mystery, we will come across the death of a close relative, unconditional love, ritualistic transvestism, and the transformation of man into another form of being on earth. The last chapter will be a ritual of reunification that will expand the boundaries of intimacy between performers. Through the gesture of transformation, we will release our inner need for closeness. It will be a union equally on bodily and sensual levels.


Taras — Receptionist

The receptionist commences the performance by carrying out a house cleansing ceremony. This process helps us keep our mental and emotional balance, during which the house gets cleared of negative vibrations. By doing so, they prepare the Museum's foyer to receive visitors. The process of transforming space gives it a new function, which meets the needs of the performance.

Filip — Death

Death awaits hands wide open. In her ceremony, she reminds the other guests of the importance of love. She brings asks to recognise the beauty in the time that is gifted each of us. She is always present, invisible to the human eye. Grandma's brooches, which death shares with guests, are a portal between the world of the living and the dead.

Katarzyna — Devil / Ignacy — Angel

The devil is a symbol of sin. They shed light on what is hidden, on what attracts, tempts, can possess, provoke, undermine the existing order, and instigate a revolution. Angels are supernatural beings who are the link between material and spiritual reality. They reflect the shape of all that is divine — pure, beautiful, and holy. The Angel and the Devil represent two of the many sides we all carry within us. Based on binary, they hide many other symbols. Opposing in meaning, they indicate light and darkness. In a joint ceremony, these two extremes attract each other, desiring to feel closer and reconcile in trust and love.

Planeta — The Moons daughter

The daughter of the moon is the first star to appear in the sky on Christmas Eve. She brings the magical food that connects guests at the table. The consumption of her kutia initiates a state of transformation, which leads to changing the existing order. In the process of transformation, we move closer to blyzkosti.

Music: Zoi Michailova
Recording and editing: Sisi Cecylia
Image director: Mikołaj Sobczak

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