Ramona Nagabczyńska: Accumulation© Trisha Brown
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  • Ramona Nagabczyńska: Accumulation© Trisha Brown

    „Ramona Nagabczyńska: Akumulacja© Trisha Brown”

"Accumulation© Trisha Brown" is a homage to the American choreographer and dancer Trisha Brown, who was one of the key figures of the American avant-garde scene in the 1960s and 70s. The spectacle’s title refers to Trisha Brown’s creative method based on multiplication and accumulation of simple gestures, which are gradually developed during the course of the show.

In her spectacle, Ramona Nagabczyńska refers to the content and form of the historical "Accumulation" (1971-73), wondering how the viewer's perception and reception of the work changes in different historical contexts. She says:

"In my inventory, there is not only Trisha Brown, but also several thousand variations on Trisha Brown. When I remix Trisha Brown, one could say, that I remix her remixes, or at least, that I remix the media through which she came to me. Where is Trisha in this jungle of duplications, in this accumulation of quotations? She might have dissolved in pixels and bytes, in mental images and movements of our bodies."

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