Yulia Kostereva: Open Place
Friday Afternoon

  • Yulia Kostereva: Open Place

During the “Friday afternoon” meetings at the “Sunflower” Solidary Community Center we host Warsaw-based international artists who introduce themselves and present their practices and activities.

Open Place
Yulia Kostereva: During the presentation I will focus on the development of Open Place Platform, which aims at supporting and developing grassroots initiatives in the sphere of culture as well as intensifying the contacts and establishing of the links between the art environment, its actors and different layers of the society.

Open Place is practicing and searching for the form of an art institution, which would allow the society to play the role of an active participant in cultural events and co-creator of common values, artistic phenomena and cultural context. We see the potential of an open interaction model in which art is understood as a place of intersection of artistic, social and political processes and a platform for meetings, discussions, and collective collaboration.

I will present some interdisciplinary projects that Open Place has developed and implemented (in particular in Poland), which aimed at expanding the borders of influence of art and engaging new groups of people in the creative process.

Yulia Kostereva

an artist and curator. Lives and works in Kyiv. Currently located in Warsaw, where she helps to coordinate the Emergency Residencies program designed to support artists and art workers who seek refuge from the war.
She was born in 1973 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She studied theater stage design and graphics at the Kharkiv State Art School, Kharkiv Art and Industrial Institute, and National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv.
The works of Yulia Kostereva, which are often realized in the forms of installations, objects and joint actions, focus on history and stories related to a place, an object or a person. Her practice concerns both the visual arts and the art of interaction.
Since 1999, together with the artist Yurii Kruchak, she has been co-creating the art platform Open Place.

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