The Polish-Soviet Friendship and The Letter
Joanna Mytkowska's online lecture

  • The Polish-Soviet Friendship and The Letter
    Photo: Tadeusz Rolke

Each academic year, Curatorial Studies at KASK-School of Arts Ghent, S.M.A.K., Ghent University and Kunsthal Gent co-organise the prestigious Curatorial Lectures series, given by renowned curatorial practitioners in relation to a specific theme. After "Working with Artists" (2017-18) and "Learning from Artists" (2018-19), this year's theme addresses the curatorial challenges of curating in the context of public and private collections.

Closing the Curatorial Lecture 2019-20 series on the theme of 'Working with Collections', SMAK and Curatorial Studies at KASK are honoured to present an online lecture by curator and art critic Joanna Mytkowska. 

In her lecture, Mytkowska will present how different sequences of works and narratives intertwine within the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, using two important works as case studies: Alina Szapocznikow’s Monument of Polish-Soviet Friendship (1954) and Goshka Macuga’s The Letter (2011). Her reading will consider anecdotal details, as well as art historical reflection and reference to contemporary debates.

The lecture will be transmitted live on the Curatorial Studies at KASK's fanpage.

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