Post-War Modernism in Africa
Its Architecture, Planning and Architectural Influences

  • Post-War Modernism in Africa

    pocztówka, design studio Noviki

Following the move to national ‘independence’ in Africa at the end of World War Two, a new post war period of economic prosperity resulted in the evolution of new Modernist Architecture and Planning schemes being built across West Africa, where Ghana become the first sub-Saharan country to attain independence in 1957.

These projects included school building programmes, University campuses, and notable modernist office and residential buildings designed and built with the involvement of an international group of Architects, many from the UK, but also with others from as far afield as Eastern Europe and Australia. This talk discusses this postwar architectural climate and focuses specifically on the under-reported influence of Eastern European architects and planners in the 1947 – 1970s “Modernist” Period in West Africa.

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