After the new institutionalism
Grizedale Arts

  • After the new institutionalism
    photo by Polly Braden

Grizedale Arts is a radical curatorial project, carried out for 35 years now, establishing a new model of functioning of the institution of art, far from the structures of the artistic world – both literally and figuratively.

Since 2007, the centre of the project has been a household built on a hill in Lawson Park. The residencies, projects and artistic events held in the farm house aim at engaging the local community. The artists take up issues which are significant for the closest vicinity of Lawson, like ecology, farm tourism or animal breeding. More than on the accomplishment of an artistic “product”, the activity of Grizedale Arts is focused on the process and investigation of the context of the creation of art which, in the opinion of the curators, is to result in a local social change. Among the artists who cooperated with the institution are: Jeremy Deller, Liam Gillick and this year’s winner of the Turner Prize - Laure Provost.

Adam Sutherland – since 1999 the head of Grizedale Arts, previously: leader of – a visual arts organization based in a Scottish village, curator of off-site project, writer and pig farmer - will talk about the activity of Grizedale Arts.

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