guided walk and workshops for children


The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw would like to invite you to another Saturday meeting in the Bródno Sculpture Park, during which we will go for a guided walk and have a workshop for children.

We will again serve coffee, tea and cookies in the tea house, where you can join us for a picnic and a bit of rest on blankets and folding chairs. The official currency in exchange for which you can get drinks and food will be drawings you made yourself.

At noon and at 2:00 PM we will leave the tea house for a guided tour of the Sculpture Park, where you will hear stories about the sculptures and anecdotes about their origin and how they function in the social and geographical space of the park.

Kids can take part in Open Actions, during which we will participate in a number of creative activities inspired by the sculptures around us and the park space. Those activities are open to anyone, there is no need to sign up and you can join them at any moment.

The workshops and classes will be held in Polish. 

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