Opening of the exhibition
“The Penumbral Age. Art in the Time of Planetary Change”

  • Opening of the exhibition

    Anna & Lawrence Halprin, Experiments in Environment workshop, Build a Driftwood City, July 4, 1966. Courtesy of Lawrence Halprin Collection, The Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania.

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, after eleven weeks of hibernation, announces the opening of the exhibition “The Penumbral Age. Art in the Time of Planetary Change”.

The new exhibition at the Museum on the Vistula River spans five decades and highlights the strengthening of environmental reflections in the art of the late 1960s and early 1970s to the present day. During the pandemic, artistic observations about the devastation of the natural environment and unrestrained economic growth are gaining even more importance.

The exhibition has been functioning since March 20 online, on the website and on the Facebook profile: Wiek półcienia / The Penumbral Age, where additional materials related to the exhibition are published.

We invite you to the exhibition “The Penumbral Age” at the Museum on the Vistula from Friday, June 5, 12 noon.

Before visiting the Museum, we encourage you to read the new regulations regarding the limit of people staying in the building and other safety rules.

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