Opening of the exhibition

  • Opening of the exhibition

    Photo by Juliusz Sokołowski

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites the public to the opening of the "Monumentomania" exhibition organised as part of the 11th edition of the WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION festival.

But why construct more monuments? And who needs another exhibition about them? Aren’t monuments obsolete? And most of all: in light of all the conflicts erupting over monuments, shouldn’t we discard this medium once and for all?

The 11th edition of WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION will be held at the ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture, primarily in the square in front of the building.

This year, the festival comprises three components of equal importance: a monument “exhibition” in the public square, a small-scale exhibition on the two storeys of the ZODIAK pavilion, and a public programme: debates, workshops, guided tours and discussions about new forms of monuments.

After the vernissage we invite you to the afterparty, Sultan Club, Chmielna 35, 9:30 PM.

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