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The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites you to a guided tour in English of the exhibition "How to Make a School?" at the Museum on the Vistula River

WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION is engaged on one hand in commenting on current events, and on the other hand remains a festival devoted to urban design. In the exhibition "How to Make a School"? presented at the Museum on the Vistula, we examine what characteristics a school should have to best fulfil its tasks, and we ask what newly created buildings can learn from those constructed in the past. We take a look back at a hundred years of design for education in Warsaw, particularly at the schools built in the pre-war construction campaign by the Mayor of Warsaw at that time, Stefan Starzyński (as an example of the forgotten heritage of Warsaw functionalism) and the legendary “millennial” schools built throughout the 1960s to mark the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of the Polish state in 966.

The exhibition is a multifaceted narrative combining basic numerical data on education with architectural designs, photographs, and artworks. It examines the tensions between top-down and grass-roots measures, seeks possibilities for improving the existing system in other educational models, and defines the role of the museum as an institution fostering education in its long-range programme.

Tickets available in M Sklep.

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