Guided Tour in English
Through the "Collection in Action!" exhibition

  • Guided Tour in English

    View of the "Collection in Action!" exhibition, photo by Bartosz Stawiarski

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites English speaking guests to guided tour through "Collection in Action!" exhibition.

This week, the tour will be conducted by Urszula Mandziewska.

“Collection in action” is the Museum’s first attempt to create an education space for kids based on a collection of contemporary art. The selection of works and their display was a result of our educators’ observations and experience gathered during previous shows featuring the Museum’s permanent collection: “In the Heart of the Country” and “In the Near Future.” For the Museum, it’s a chance to sum up the educational activities that have been conducted since 2013, but it is also an opportunity to welcome a new audience, one that is yet to be introduced to contemporary art. The exhibition is an invitation to learn about works of art made by contemporary artists — films, sculptures and installations presented in an interactive space, where gaining knowledge about art is fun.

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