Guided tour in English

  • Photo. A man looking at the work of Aleksandra Waliszewska.

    Fot. Ania Szałas

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites you to a guided tour of the exhibition "The Dark Arts: Aleksandra Waliszewska and Symbolism from the East and North" in English.

Conducted by: Katarzyna Benda

"The Dark Arts" is the first such extensive display of Aleksandra Waliszewska’s works. Her prolific oeuvre is shown alongside historical works of Polish, Czech, Ukrainian and Baltic symbolists. The exhibition allows us to view Waliszewska’s mythological tropes, apocalyptic scenarios, and charged landscapes in a broader perspective: the forests and swamps, lost highways, and gloomy housing estates.

*Entrance fee: 15 złotych

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