Guided tour in English
Anka Ptaszkowska. Case by Case

  • Photo. Black and white. Four people are sitting on a wall leaning against a white brick wall with artwork hanging on it.

    Exhibition "Tableau d'exposition" in Gallery 7, 17 rue Campagne-Première, Paris, 1973

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites you to a guided tour of the exhibition "Anka Ptaszkowska: Case by Case" in English.

Guided tour conducted by the audience facilitators of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

The axis of the exhibition Anka Ptaszkowska: Case by Case is the scenario for an autobiographical film in 32 chapters, written by Ptaszkowska in 2016, which is now published in the catalogue. The film by Anna Molska produced on the basis of this text, Imagine There Is Truth in Art, will be shown at the Museum on the Vistula during the exhibition. The selection of works and archival documents for each chapter of the scenario discloses both the official and the private dimension of this history. The overall exhibition is supplemented by a sound installation by Michał Libera using passages from archival recordings and discussions with the protagonist of the exhibition. Executed with fidelity to Anka’s principles, the show doesn’t close off the narrative, but leaves room for its inherent contradictions. The mass of stories, characters, works, documents and sounds encountered in the exhibition convey the intensity of her activity.

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