Saturday Guided Tour

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw offers free guided tours trough the exhibitions "As You Can See. Polish Art Today" and "In the Near Future" every Saturday at 2 pm.

On Saturday, March the 15th at 2 pm, the tour will be guided by Ewa Kozik - graduated with BA in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin and with MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Warsaw. Holds a diploma in Animation of Culture. Member of a team of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw realising the Research-Exhibition Project devoted to Oskar Hansen's Oeuvre. Closely cooperates with Stereo Gallery. Publishes.

"As You Can See. Polish Art Today" is the largest exhibition of contemporary Polish art in over a decade. Some of the artists are showing their latest works that have never been on view before. The guides will bring you through the most important topics and approaches in Polish art today, giving a peek into previously undiscovered sources of artistic inspiration and understanding of the role of an artist nowadays. It is a unique chance to gain a better understanding of some of the constitutive elements of Polish culture and Polish outlook on the world’s matters.

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