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Meeting with the filmakers and film screening pt. 1

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    University of Lodz School of Polish for Foreign Students, photo: Miguel Sobrado. Courtesy of the author and Lea Morin.

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites to a meeting and film screening as part of the “Hope is of a different color” film program.

Film screening will last 60 minutes, it will be preceded by a meeting with filmmakers, Abdelkader Lagtaa and Stanisław Tym, led by Monika Talarczyk.

Film screenings pt. 1: IMAGES OF REVOLUTION - 60 minutes

Ludzie z piwnicy [People from the cellar], 1969, 13 min.

Documentary directed by Mustapha Derkaoui, academic advisor: Henryk Kluba.
A jazz-infused introduction into the milieu and musical environment of Andrzej Kurylewicz’s Piwnica Artystyczna club. With appearances by artists Wanda Warska, Włodzimierz Nahorny, Barbara Brylska, Stanisław Tym and Jean Chavrain – a representative of the Estates General of the French Cinema.  

Gdzieś pewnego dnia [Somewhere on a given day], 1971, 21 min.

Documentary directed by Mustapha Derkaoui, academic advisors: Mieczysław Jahoda and Marek Nowicki.
An account of the preparations for the staging of Régis Debray’s Notes on Gramsci directed by Stanisław Tym. A group of international students gathered at Warsaw’s “Stodoła” club discuss philosophy and politics accompanied by the music of Włodzimierz Nahorny’s quartet.

Pieśń na śmierć młodzieńców [A hymn on the death of the young], 1973, 11 min.

Poetic short film directed by Idriss Karim, academic advisors: Janusz Majewski and Kazimierz Konrad.
A surrealistic portrait of restaurant guests as seen by an otherworldly visitor who has the ability to read people’s subconscious. The visual journey is complemented by Janusz Kusza’s political protest songs performed by students of the Academy of Music in Łódź. Film director Piotr Szulkin plays the role of the fakir. 

Patrik, 1979, 4 min.

Documentary directed by Beverly Joan Marcus, academic advisor: Stanisław Grabowski.
African National Congress (ANC) activist Patrik Mabinda arrives in Poland to speak about his struggle for freedom in the Republic of South Africa. Images from his presentation at the University of Lodz School of Polish for Foreign Students are juxtaposed with those from Mabinda’s visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Urodzony w kajdanach [Born in chains], 1983, 2 min.

Poetic short film directed by Jam Karanja, academic advisor: Wojciech Jerzy Has.
A game of visual associations between ‘whiteness’ and ‘blackness’; ‘freedom’ and ‘constraint’. Performed by black and white actors. 

Cień wśród innych [A shadow among others], 1969, 5,5 min.

Narrative short film directed by Abdelkader Lagtaa.
Settling of scores among international Marxist revolutionaries. A spirit of Mhedi Ben Barka inspired revolt. Mustapha Derkaoui stars as the victim of the Brygada Eliminująca Wrogów Politycznych [Political Enemy Liquidation Brigade].

Amghar, 1968, 4 min. (no sound)

A narrative short film directed by Mustapha Derkaoui, dealing with Moroccan history. It depicts the capture of Mouha ou Hammou Zayani (1863-1921), a Berber tribal leader fighting the French colonial army between 1914-1921. Karim Idriss and Abdelkader Lagtaa appear in acting roles.

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