Muggeridge and Rose: Image Text Time
Typography in artists’ film and video

  • Muggeridge and Rose: Image Text Time

    "Projection Instruction" by Morgan Fisher, 1976, courtesy of the artist

In the framework of Kinomuzeum, Fraser Muggeridge and Will Rose will bring together a collection of artists' films and videos in which typography plays a central role. They will look at how typography has been used to shape new aesthetic relationships between image, text and time, and how film viewing might be considered as a process of reading as well as looking. The screening will be preceded by an illustrated introduction.

Including work by Muntadas, Paul Sharits, Stephen Sutcliffe, George Brecht, John Smith, Ewa Partum, Liza Béar, Morgan Fisher, Joyce Wieland, Joseph Beuys & Ken McMullen, Chris Burden, Józef Robakowski and Laure Provoust.

Fraser Muggeridge is a graphic designer based in London.

Will Rose is a curator, producer and researcher of artists' film and video based in Leeds.

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