"My Escape"
Feras Fayyad's film screening

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    Still from the movie "My Escape", dir. Feras Fayyad, 2016

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites the public to a showing of the film My Escape, directed by Feras Fayyad.

In Syria 80% of children have been affected by the armed conflict there and in neighbouring countries. In My Escape a pair of 15-year-olds, Ghaith and Abdul, decide to flee from war-torn Syria to Europe. On their hazardous journey they discover different faces of the continent. The film is a story of the quest for safety and salvation. Losing hope and family, the two young protagonists try to survive at any price. By showing violence, enslavement, violation of human rights, and exploitation, the director reveals hidden sides of western civilization.

6:00 pm, My Escape, directed by Feras Fayyad, 2016, 53 min.

Screening followed by a discussion with the director.

Feras Fayyad is an Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker best known for his
Sundance winner Last Men in Aleppo, which has won more than 40 awards. He produced the acclaimed short movie One Day in Aleppo, which has won more than 20 awards, and is now working on his next movie, The Cave.

Agnieszka Lichnerowicz is an international relations graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. She has been a journalist with Radio TOK FM since 2004. As a reporter she has covered EU summits, Russian elections, show trials in Belarus, the Russian-Georgian war, the Orange Revolution, Maidan protests, the annexation of Crimea, and the war in Donbas. She travelled to Egypt and Tunisia when they were swept up in the Arab Spring. From 2012 to 2016 she led radio workshops in Myanmar as it underwent transformation. She is a laureate of the Ryszard Kapuściński Award of the Polish Press Agency, and was nominated for the Grand Press Award for her reporting on the massacre of Yazidis in Sinjar, Iraq. She currently runs a radio show called World View, covering world events, economic disputes, and historical memory. She is also involved in film and literature, and publishes in Nowe Książki, Gazeta Wyborcza, Polityka and other titles.

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