Mistress Rebecca in Warsaw
Reba Maybury in conversation with Natalia Sielewicz

  • Mistress Rebecca in Warsaw

To coincide with the exhibition "Paint, also known as blood. Women, affect and desire in contemporary painting", the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites to a Q&A with artist, writer, publisher and political dominatrix, Reba Maybury.

Reba Maybury uses art as a tool to deconstruct patriarchy and, most importantly, the gender roles inscribed in its logic. Her actions are also an attempt to create her own libidinal economy within capitalism. For Maybury, the field of this revolt is sex work: as a sex worker she offers domination within a sadomasochistic relationship.

Her clients are exclusively white, wealthy, conservative men. The payment for the service is in the form of work the clients have to perform for the artist. The tasks can range from completing a psychological survey, painting a picture on a given topic, to financing a charity initiative or a sex workers' trade union. Clients who occupy a position of power within the socio-economic system are deprived of it in their relations with the artist: they pay with their own labour to be humiliated by her. Maybury, on the other hand, circulates the fruit of her client’s labour in the art world and thus monetizes them.

The works, consisting of objects created or donated by clients, are the material trace of a politically ambitious performative practice: the empowerment of women and the redistribution of capital. Maybury calls herself a political dominatrix.

The Q&A will be held in English by curator of the exhibition, Natalia Sielewicz. 

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