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The first part of the evening will be devoted to the legendary Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm - one of Europe’s most important institutions of electronic music experimentation.

Founded in 1964 as a studio for the research and development, EMS is currently run independently by its director Mats Lindström. Lindström will present a multichannel sound projection of archival pieces produced at the EMS (Sten Hanson, Knut Wiggen, Roberta Settels, Åke Hodell), as well as new music created in this significant center of music innovation (Daniel Karlsson, Paulina Sundin, Camilla Sørensen/Greta Christensen, Hanna Hartman).

The second part of the program will include Mats Lindström's own composition titled „One (for David Tudor)”, for fluorescent tubes and electronics. The piece, commissioned in 2008 by the Moderna Muséet in Stockholm, is an homage to the electronic music pioneer David Tudor and a reference to the famous “Fluorescent Sound” project Tudor presented in Sweden in 1964, using the existing lighting system (200 lamps!) of the Stockholm museum. But “One” is not a reconstruction of the piece. It tries to extract and underline the characteristics that made Tudor a unique composer - his technical level of ambition, the methodology and architectural sensitivity.


Sten Hanson “How are you?” (1969) 2'
Knut Wiggen “Sommarmorgon” (1971) 4’
Roberta Settels “Landscape for three tape recorders” (1973) 8’
Åke Hodell “Mr Smith in Rhodesia (1970)” 16'
Daniel Karlsson “Driftwood” (2012) 3'
Paulina Sundin “Med lekande krav” (2001) 3'
Vinyl Terror and Horror (Camilla Sørensen/Greta Christensen) “Did she mention my name?” (2011) 3’
Hanna Hartman “Att fälla grova träd är förknippat med risker” (2004) 8’
Mats Lindström “One (for David Tudor)” 2007 20’

Mats Lindström

is a composer focusing on live electronics. He often works
with intermedia, scenic elements and visual arts as a complement to the
music, and has worked with music for theatre, radio, dance and sound
installations. Mats Lindström’s 2008 album МИГ was released on Edition Mego
sub-label Ideologic Organ, curated by Sunn O))) member Stephen O’Malley. 

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