"The Little Melting Pot"
workshop with Bence Gyorgy Palinkas

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The Museum of Modern Art invites you to the Bródno Sculpture Park for discussion and sculptural workshop with a Hungarian artist, Bence Gyorgy Palinkas.

Come and tell us your origin myth and make a tiny sculpture (no expertise needed!). At the workshop, we will ask you to tell us what kinds of national origin myths you knew and where from, and together we will try to reinterpret, actualize or criticize these myths. During the chat, you can sculpt your protagonist out of wax. And later on, we will cast it out of metal, with the same technique as the public statues are made.

Together we will make a pluralist monument. The sculptures will be traveling around in the region with a theater project.

Rape of Europe and other origin myths Lecture performance with metal casting

In the myth of Rape of Europe, the titan Europa was abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull. The topos – lack of agency when one meets with greater power – appears in many cases. While we will be in a journey in this metaphorical bull back, we can follow through the casting of the figures from "The Little Melting Pot" workshop. 

This project is commissioned by OFF-Biennale Budapest 2020.

Bence Gyorgy Palinkas

Hungarian artist, working on postdramatic theater projects. Currently, he is touring with a play called "Hungarian Acacia". Palinkas used the story of an American tree that becomes a national symbol in Hungary to talk about the constructed nature of national identity and post factual, populist politics.

Together with Kitti Gosztola, they started a long-term collaborative project called the "Wild Garden Utopia". In this project, they make workshops on the socioecological topic of invasive alien species.

Palnkas works also on a research on the rehabilitation of the ancient ruins of Roma by the invasive plant Ailanthus altissima with the help of the Peter and Irene Foundation Aachen Research Grant. He is also works on educational projects in public education, currently in collaboration with the DIA Foundation for Democratic Youth.


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