A Horse Escapes From the Chimney
Meeting with Anda Rottenberg and Leszek Knaflewski

  • A Horse Escapes From the Chimney

    Leszek Knaflewski, \"Frofenia\"

The pretext for the meeting and the discussion is the book by Leszek Knaflewski entitled: “Frofenia. Drawings 1983-1990”. The album, published under the imprint of the Mundin Publishing House, includes several dozen unpublished drawings by KNAF from the times when the artist was a member of the Koło Klipsa group.

The title “frofenia” – word made up by KNAF, refers us to such sphere of the visual language, in which everything is possible: hybrid creatures dwelling in imaginative worlds, unreal situations and unhindered expression.

The participants of the meeting are going to debate on Polish art of the 1980s, on artistic groups which, back then, were the enclaves of freedom and on the current reception of the then artistic attitudes and institutionalization of the output of individual artists.
On the day of the meeting, the book by Leszek Knaflewski entitled: “Frofenia. Drawings 1983-1990”, will be available for purchase at the Bookoff bookstore on special offer. More information on the book can be found on the website of the Mundin Publishing House.

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