Bródno Sculpture Park. Chapter IV
Jens Haaning

  • Bródno Sculpture Park. Chapter IV
  • Bródno Sculpture Park. Chapter IV

In 2012 we invited Jens Hanning to contribute and work in the unusual park in the district of Bródno in Warsaw.

Haaning deals in his works with issues of national identity, immigration, racism, assimilation, and the relationship between language and politics. His designs are created in the context of the place and are aresult of research on the specifics of a particular town or district.

Although Haanings art is usually ephemeral, this time the artist has created a massive sculptural installation made of bricks and cement: Bródno sign rising on a park hill. It is a commentary on the work, exercise, relationships between thought, language and material. In addition to the sculpture, the artist has also created a new logo for the district, which can be used free of charge by its inhabitants.

Jens Haaning was born in 1965, currently lives and works in Copenhagen. His works have been presented in such institutions as the Migros Museum in Zurich, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Institute for Contemporary Art in London, De Appel in Amsterdam and Secession in Vienna.

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