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We would like to invite you to explore Warsaw architecture studios! This week, on October 15, between 6 and 8  pm the studio JEMS Architekci will open its doors to visitiors.

The JEMS Architekci company was established in 1988, but as a team, architects headed by the JEMS partners have been working together since 1980, which makes JEMS Architekci one of the oldest private architecture studios in Warsaw.

The partners who manage JEMS Architekci are architects Olgierd Jagiełło, Maciej Miłobędzki, Jerzy Szczepanik Dzikowski and Marcin Sadowski with Wojciech Zych as the president of the management board, who is in charge of formal, legal and financial affairs. In 2003, the management board was joined by new partners, architects Paweł Majkusiak and Andrzej Sidorowicz, and then by Marek Moskal in 2006.

In a little over a decade, JEMS evolved from a small design studio into a team of almost 60 architects. The JEMS partners and architects in charge of individual projects are responsible for the entire design process and construction. JEMS Architekci coordinates and manages the work of a multidisciplinary team of experts and regularly teams up with major design offices, designers and consultants in all fields connected with projects which we work on.

Since 2004, the JEMS architecture studio has been headquartered in a building which we designed and built for ourselves in Gagarina Street in Warsaw.

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