• Finissage

    KwieKulik (Przemysław Kwiek / Zofia Kulik), kadr z filmu Trip around Europe: West Germany, 1981, Archiwum KwieKulik

This will be the last opportunity to visit both shows and participate in a special curators-led tour throughout the exhibitions. Maria Matuszkiewicz (Accomplices. The Photographer and the Artist Around 1970) will discuss relations between artists and photographers who documented their works; and Barbara Piwowarska will focus on the phenomena of Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, as well as on the results of the methods and concepts developed by Joseph Beuys and Oskar Hansen in these art schools (The Third Room).

Program of the finissage will include:
premiere screening of the „road movie” Trip around Europe: West Germany by KwieKulik (Zofia Kulik and Przemysław Kwiek) documenting their trip organized in 1981 – from Poland to Germany – and back.
special guests from Düsseldorf
wine and refreshments
screening of films by Ken Jacobs and Jack Smith: The Whirled (1957/61) and Blonde Cobra (1963).

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