Sarah Lucas: Two Melons and a Stinking Fish
by Vanessa Engle

  • Sarah Lucas: Two Melons and a Stinking Fish

This is an extraordinary portrait of Sarah Lucas, a British conceptual artist who in the 1990s conquered the London artistic circles. Lukas is member of Young British Artists (YBA) movement and author of photography, ready mades, assemblages and collages.

The title of the movie refers to merciless punning and stresses manipulation of verbal associations that concern sexuality, which Lucas utilizes in her subversive installations.
For four months a BBC journalist, Vanessa Engle, observes Lukas’s preparation for an important monographic exhibition. Using a hand-held VHS camcorder, Engle records Lukas’s each move: the creative process, the nights out, the exhibition openings Lukas attends. In the movie there appear the artist’s friends and prominent art world figures.

Through the series of interviews with gallery owners Jay Joplin and Barbara Gladstone as well as artists Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Angus Fairhurst and Gary Hume, the document presents the artist’s perverse personality, her direct immodest humor and the culture specifics of London at the height of the YBA phenomenon.

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